Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Elspeth Guild and I wrote the article on the first button (below, left) for a volume on thinking through a possible future complaints mechanism under the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention.    The article includes a summary of my work in the adoption of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, as well as of filing complaints under the European Social Charter collective complaints mechanism.    A link to the book is below at the second button.    On the third button (right) is the COHRE quarterly issue after the Optional Protocol was adopted by the Human Rights Council, including a summary article with proceedings and explanation (p.5). 
Schinoasa Roma slum, Calarasi County, Republic of Moldova, 2012
Justiciability of ESC Rights (Cahn and Guild)
Link to Book: 
The UNHCR and the Supervision of International Refugee Law
Optional Protocol ICESCR Article: COHRE Quarterly 2007
Human Rights of Children with Spina Bifida
OHCHR Brussels head Jan Jarab put us on to this issue:    children born with spina bifida need a shunt operation within one week of birth -- the insertion of a drain in their spine.   If they get the operation and it goes well, there is a strong chance of leading a normal life.    If they don't and it goes badly, they run a strong chance of dying an extremely painful death during childhood.     We investigated the issue in Moldova, based on allegations that the leading surgeon in this area required a bribe of 2500 EUR for the operation.    Since many cannot pay, or cannot pay quickly, this was effectively a death sentence on children.    Actually I did not write this one, but I provided extensive guidance to our researcher Xenia Siminciuc, and I rewrote significant parts.    I am including it here because I think there is limited human rights work done on this issue, and I hope there will be more attention to it.    I think we managed to make an interesting contribution to questions of corruption, stigma and human rights
Daria, 2014
Report: Moldova: Human Rights of Children with Spina Bifida