Roll On
Recordings of Tony Rose Songs with Joe Armstrong 
October 2017
Mark Mullholland and Friends
Music in France for Mark's 50th birthday, October 2018
Hey La Bas
Place Where Dreams Come True
Blarney Pilgrim
Two Dollar Bash Revival
with Joe Armstrong, Tony Rose and Jimmie Bozeman, Prague, February 2016

Special appearance by Kali at Jazz Dock!
Jolie Blonde
Honky Tonk Angel
Flying without My Wings Again
Que le Vaja
A Broken Heart and Sad, Sad Memories
Ramblin Joe
Movin On
I am a Stranger
Ooh La La
Jukebox Jed
With Sean Condron, New York City, January 2016
Beautiful times with Sean in Cafe Moto in Brooklyn, where the audience barely outnumbered us.
Take Me Down to Your Dancefloor
Richland Women Blues
The Parting Glass
Put Your Hand In Mine
Two Dollar Bash Reunion, Pretty Simple, Paris, 2015. Playing live with Joe Armstrong, Mark Mulholland and Tony Rose.    The song is one of my favorite Mark songs.     We listened to it a ton with Cosmina around the time we got married.   The video was done  on a tablet by our older daughter Kali.   If you get seasick while watching, skip down to the next link.
Put Your Hand In Mine
Place Where Dreams Come True
Mark recorded us rehearsing this Mayhaws song with Joe Armstrong, Tony Rose and Mark Mulholland at the Mulholland/Micaelli homestead in St. Bouize, Loire valley, France, March 2015.    I made a "video" out of some photos from the trip.   Et voila!    (click on the horse)
Two Dollar Bash Reunion, Culture Container, Berlin, November 2014
Gogo Mamasweed did the mix of this very positive evening (click on the photo), featuring Sean Condron in Europe for the first time since forever.   It was the first time I ever played violin publicly (which is possibly why I look somewhat seasick in those songs).    If you only have time for one song, listen to Ghost Town at circa 1:15:00, but there are lots of gems scattered throughout this one.    There are also buttons for individual tracks from this recording below.
Full Show
Honky-Tonk Angel
New Song
Devil and Angel
Broken Heart
Dusty Road
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
Hey There Little/I Don't Believe In Yesterdays
This recording was made on a mobile telephone at one of two Band of Jakeys gigs on the island of Vis, Croatia, in August 2012.    The lighting system kept changing colors ever 10 seconds or so, forcing the camera to refocus.   Also, the first song starts in the middle, but the second one -- Jason Mason's I Don't Believe in Yesterdays -- came out whole.   Our version was much humbler than the original Whiskey Biscuit version.   All the same I love this recording; it has a very peaceful mid-summer evening atmosphere in it.   There are also a couple of other mobile phone fragments from this gig on the buttons below.    I sadly lost the Circles Network baseball cap almost immediately after this recording. Click on the photo to hear it.
Hey There Little/I Don't Believe In Yesterdays
Roll On
By the Silver River
Beautiful new Tony Rose song, recorded late at night in St. Bouize, Loire Valley, France, in March 2015, with Tony and Mark Mulholland.    I'm the headless fiddle player. 
By the Silver River
Collaboration with Evan Tracz
Several videos below, including are tablet recordings from a charity event for the Tony Hawks Centre, June 2015, as well as some unplugged pub sessions in Chisinau, October 2015.   Good to have the Moldovan flag in some video recordings, for the record.  They are a tad wobbly, and have some rough notes, but all-in-all I kind of like them.  Just goes to show, you're never too old to play Grateful Dead covers...
I Know You Rider
I Don't Believe in Yesterdays
I'll Fly Away
When the Stars Go Blue
Eyes of the World 
Southern Man
Movin On
Ghost Town
The first part of Jimmie Bozeman's song is cut off in this mobile phone recording from Paris, March 2015.    I'm posting it because you can hear my daughter Hani singing along.         Kills me.
Impure Thoughts, It's All Mine
Everything above this point is video, but a couple of people writing in have requested that I put up earlier audio recordings.     As it happens, Mark Mulholland has just digitized a whole bunch of 1990s recordings, so here goes a first effort:     the 1998 Impure Thoughts cassette "It's All Mine", at that point in acoustic rendition Joe Armstrong, Mark Mulholland and myself (Hendrik Herberholt played drums in the electric formation, and Astrid Marg played violin occassionally, including on this recording).      Done very low tech in Mark's bedroom, the original had a persistent buzz which would not be eliminated.  I associate this recording with dark sadness and heaviness, weighing especially on Mark's singing in "Filling Up the Silence", but pretty much pervading everything at that point.  All the same, I love this recording.    It has thirteen great songs on it, and sounds like a band which played for its bread three times a week, which is pretty much what it was.  There are also some real diamonds, including toward the end "On the Road that Brought Me Here" and "Time Finds Everything", still one of my favorite recordings of one of my own songs.    But the whole thing bears listening (I think).        

Bring on the Cows...

The Oul' Bog Warriors From Hell
It's not easy to describe this band.    It had by some counts 20 or so occassional members, linked loosely by a commitment to beer, freedom and Shane McGowan, not necessarily in that order.  "From Hell" is the first of 2 recordings it managed, and given its general level of intoxication that now seems, with the benefit of lots of hindsight, quite a feat.    "From Hell" was recorded live in the Obecni Dum in Prague, in the summer of 1993, and then mixed by a very patient Jurek Podulka.    The OBWs was my school in songwriting, in busking, and in the religion that, if it has 4 chords, then it is way to fancy to bother with.  We once busked all of Let It Bleed without pause. Unforgettable times, to the extent I remember them.     Click on the giant photo of Sasa to get back to 1993. 
Oul' Bog Warriors, Weekend Flush
The second Bog Warriors recording was done in the Summer of 1994, again in Podulka studios in Prague, but this time with Sean Condron doing the sound engineering, together with Dalton Stansbury on the final mix, and I think Bill Hangley was also involved.   The recording owes a huge amount to some great songwriting by pretty much everybody, as well as Sean's brilliance in knob-twiddling  (who knew we had a hawaiian guitar?, etc.)     I am not even 100% sure I remember the entire band line-up for this one (it was that kind of band).  I think it was:  Dalton Stansbury, Drew Pitts, Dewey-whose-last-name-I-forget, Mark Mulholland, Sean Condron, Dan Ryan, Bill Hangley (? at least on some of it ?), and myself.  Was Orla Mulholland also there?  I recall I played drums on at least one track.    It was that kind of recording.    Still among the best ones I have ever been involved with.
We all then left town, and Dalton finalized the mixes, made some packaging and named the thing, which is how it became "Weekend Flush", a name he has never been completely able to explain.    I was pulling for "Let it Bog", but there you go. It was that kind of recording. 
Oul' Bog Warriors second recording 1994, click here to listen
Paprsky Inženýra Garina
Post-Communism was a distinct threat to Paprsky Inženýra Garina:  Before 1989, its concerts were so regularly banned by police in advance of starting that its fans had little idea that PIG could not play its instruments.  I can’t quite remember how I fell in with them, but it surely had something to do with Radio Jedna, where Jarda Jehlicka and I both worked, and also probably something to do with Ondrej Stindl.   In any case, with PIG we practiced for hours – usually about 6 or 7 hours at the pub, debating the meaning of PIG in the post-1989 world, followed by – if we could still manage to get there, an hour or two at the Srackarna, the UNESCO-protected 19th century sewage treatment plant where we rehearsed.   PIG’s instrumentation involved among other things a set of amplified rusted bed springs, as we all as an elaborate system of rusted piping with several electric guitar pickups fastened to it.   I was very heartened to see that PIG has recently reformed and is performing again ( ); the world must indeed be in a dreadful state!     At’ zije PIG!
Srackarna, Prague Hradcany, 1992
Paprsky Inženýra Garina: House of the Rising Sun (1993)